About Us

Behind the Doors of Local Impact

The Local Impact Hub is a new initiative to support companies in improving their responsible business conduct and respect human rights, drawing on the knowledge of local organisations and experts.

Our team consists of experts on various thematic areas who share values and a common vision.

Positive impact on People and Planet
Added value through Cooperation
Trustworthy and Independent
Passion for Responsible Business Conduct

Our Vision

A global economy that aligns prosperity with human rights and environmental preservation.

Our Mission

Increase transparency within the value chain and provide actionable tailor-made advice and services to improve social and environmental impacts based on private sector and civil society feedback and reporting.


The Local Impact Hub is inspired by the learnings from the International Responsible Business (IRBC) Agreement in the Netherlands. These sectoral agreements between companies, civil society organisations, and the Dutch government aimed at improving the responsible business conduct of a sector through the collaboration between its participants. Its overall objectives were to achieve results for those groups that experience negative effects and to collaboratively provide solutions for problems that companies cannot solve entirely on their own. Companies, civil society, and the government sought ways in which they can address adverse impacts and strengthen each other’s efforts in realising responsible value chains. Some of these agreements are still ongoing and some have been implemented. This delivered some successes but most of all the IRBC agreements proved to be a learning ground in many ways.

The Local Impact Hub shares similar objectives as the IRBC agreements and wants to translate and integrate what has worked into its platform so that it may continue providing solutions for companies. At the same time, the Local Impact Hub aims to empower local organisations and experts to share reliable and high-quality information that aids in the realisation of sustainable and responsible value chains.