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Implementing the leading international guidelines on Business & Human Rights and achieving a positive impact on the ground. Providing local information on risks and adverse impacts and expert advice on how to address them.

You've got questions.

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You may face questions and challenges while improving the responsible business conduct performance of your operations and value chain.

Take Assessment
How do I correctly implement the OECD guidelines and UN Guiding Principles?
How do I identify and assess adverse impacts in the value chain?
What salient issues are there in my value chain?
How do I address risks and realise a positive impact?
What do local experts recommend?
How should I engage with local (affected) stakeholders?
How do I track and communicate my impact on the value chain?

Key Benefits

Working with Local Impact Hub


Leading international standards

Align your due diligence with the requirements set out in leading international guidelines


Adverse impacts identification

Improve the identification of risks and adverse impacts in your value chain


Prioritise thoughtfully

Appropriately apply prioritisation criteria and focus your efforts


Value chain insight

Increase your insights how to address adverse impacts effectively


Stakeholder engagement

Strengthen your due diligence through stakeholder engagement


Due diligence assurance

Validate your due diligence effectiveness by local experts

Our Global Network

The content of the database and support provided by the Local Impact Hub is based on its collaboration with local organisations and experts on human rights. This empowers you to reach down your value chain and ensure a more effective due diligence.

Through its global network the Local Impact Hub aspires to dissolve barriers in international value chains and align efforts from key stakeholders. We believe that due diligence is strengthened and more effective when structurally informed by local experts and stakeholders. Only then can responsible and sustainable value chains be realised.

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